Kitesurf Lessons

Lesson Descriptions:

 Beginner 1

 Introduction to Traction Kite flying. Rigging.  Kite safety, and control. Four line kites and bar. Launching, landing, body dragging, safety skills, including self rescue.


 Beginner 2

Advanced body dragging. Getting on the board. Water starting, staying on the board, maintaining power and stability.

 Intermediate 1


Getting upwind, riding powered up. High aspect kites, relaunch techniques. Beginning jumping and jibing. 

 Intermediate 2


Jibing, jump, and basic tricks. riding small directionals, bidirectionals, and wakeboards

 Advanced 1

 Riding toeside, spins, loops.

 Advanced 2

 Wave riding, advanced tricks

Lesson Rates:

2 hours $175
3 hours $250
6 hours $475
Each Additional Person * $50

 * limit 3 people per lesson maximum

Setup Lessons on the Signup page, or give us a call at (808) 389-4004

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